Seedee Wheelchair

Seedee Attach Wheels – electric powered stair climbing wheelchair, 24 inch wheels attachment


Original price was: ₹136,000.00.Current price is: ₹120,000.00.

Description :

This is a stair climbing wheelchair with an option to attach 24″ wheels to give the user independence once on flat ground where he can propel himself manually.


Type of stair climbing / descending : Battery operated

Movement on flat ground : self operated by manual push as well as attendant

Net weight /gross weight : 40kg / 51kg

Required turning radius on staircase : 40×40 inches / 1×1 meter

Battery voltage : 24 V

Stair climber motor : 120 W

Power motor : n/a

Max load : 125kg

Optimum stair angle : 35 deg

Motor out put voltage : 20-29.4 V

Battery charging voltage :110-240 V

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