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We’re committed to service excellence.

Wheelchair For Stairs
Wheel Chairs For Stairs


The Seedee is a user-friendly, portable wheelchair specifically designed to climb stairs. Its powerful motor enables a small attendant to safely transport a larger passenger up and down stairways. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Seedee is ideal for public buildings and private homes. It offers an affordable and reliable solution for portable access.

Some of its salient features are:


We’re committed to Service Excellence.
Powered to carry over 125Kgs. up approximately 25 floors. User changeable Rechargeable batteries and charger.
use on virtually any indoor or outdoor stairway stable and self-supporting durable track grip stairs securely.
Complete folding of the wheelchair for compact storage and easy transport.key switch ristricts use to autorized person only
Quick-release safety belt.
Wheelchairs Features​ - Easy to use
it is economical compaired to stairway lift and elevator. it is battery powered hence can be use anywhere.
it is portable hence can be use on different type of stairways . it is compact it easily stored in a small place
it requires minimum Maintenance it is readily available at all or dealers
additional accessories like headrest, seat-belt, cushions also available.


What Our Clients Says

"A wheelchair per excellence. It's been a huge help for my husband who was finding it very difficult to climb stairs for the last 2 years. I would recommend this chair for anyone with a similar problem to my husband."
Mohua Banerjee
"I would like to thank Jamshed Dalal for the wheelchair as it has provided mobility for my father He now travels to the ground floor twice a day, This mobility has improved his physical and mental condition."
Rajiv Mane
"This wheelchair has changed our lives. since then, we have made trips downstairs with this Seedee wheelchair. Thank you for bringing this to us, and also the wonderful support in using it"
Nayana Karia
"A Great and very useful Product, very easy to operate and maintain."
Hormuz Tamboly



It is ECONOMICAL compared to stairway lifts and elevators.

Battery Powered

It is BATTERY POWERED. Hence it can be used when electrical power fails or is not available.


It is PORTABLE hence can be used on different type of stairways.


It is COMPACT. It easily stores in a small place.

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